Premiere: Canary Islands – Mild Sås


Fun, Swedish band Canary Islands premieres Mild Sås on Nordik Simit 🕺. Canary Island, consists member of another Swedish band Animal Five, chose Mild Sås as their third single from upcoming album. Mild Sås, which means “mild sauce”, is a piece to welcome spring! It has neither very upbeat, nor with very slow melodies, it gives the right notes of the dream pop and represents the journey of the spring transition from winter to warm/ chill weather. Now after Glöm Baby Glöm, TRY and Sås, we are super excited about upcoming Canary Islands releases!

Also tomorrow (April 6th) Canary Islands will be taking over our Instagram account. If you want to learn more about them or get intimate 🙂 don’t forget to follow;

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