Premiere: Marie Sahba – Out of Control

Norwegian-Iranian musician Marie Sahba is introducing her new single ‘Out of Control’ to the audience for the first time with Nordik Simit with the most imaginary sounds of the alternative pop scene! Marie, who set fears and negative emotions to her lyrics, collaborated with her DJ brother Benjamin Sahba a.k.a. Refuzion.

Inspired by her Iranian roots, Marie carries out all her music processes: writing, producing and publishing her tracks on her own label Sahba Records. ‘Out of Control’, a collection of fun and attractive timbre, gives clues from the first EP of the talented musician, touching on life and crises. Since January 2019, Marie has made her debut with her first two singles, ‘Take Me Back’ and ‘Dancing Alone’. Marie also DJs in many venues in Norway. And she loves Tarkan very much!

Marie Sahba, who collaborated with artist Ingeborg Løvlie, known for her music videos this summer; has released wonderful music videos with natural and visual representation for the two tracks she has released. ‘Out of Control’ music video will be released very soon too.

Be sure to check out Marie Sahba because we are utterly excited about her upcoming releases and projects!