Premiere: Pikes – Jeans

Photo: Sandra Thorsson
Photo: Sandra Thorsson

Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Pikes is ready to release a new single “Jeans” after People in Cars. Jeans is a mixture of 80’s synthesizers, sampled / organic drums and a large orchestral soundscape that comes together in a sound that borders between pop and movie score.

We also had a chance to ask his favorite places in Stockholm to make a city guide! Don’t forget to listen to Jeans while you wonder around in Stockholm with his suggestions:

There is so much great food in Stockholm, and of course it also depends on how much money you have at your time of hunger. But if you want fast-food-multicomplemental sushi I think ESA at Torsgatan – St.Eriksplan is the spot. I also love the sushi place Roppongi at Hantverkaregatan. Holy cow at Ringvägen is a nice indian place as well. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

There is hard to find cheap beer in Stockholm, but you have some good spots around Fridhemsplan (Theodoras and Dpub) that has a nice atmosphere to them. Also there are good places around Mariatorget (Wollmars, Dovas, Kloster). For drinks I can recommend Skrapan, Tikki room and Rival.

I think this one has to be Drop coffee just outside Mariatorget subway station. They have good imported coffee and a nice environment. Haven’t been there in a while though.

I usually go to Trädgården if I go out clubbing, they have something for everybody and a bunch of nice dance floors both indoors and outdoors.

Seems like every up and coming artist is playing at Obaren. There are some small venues but the sound quality is often pretty bad There. Obaren has a good sound system with lots of sub. Trädgården also has good live shows sometimes. Also södra teatern.

There is many great nature reserves and and islands in the arcaleagio in around and near Stockholm but my favourite is probably Nacka reservatet. Whether you want to bathe, drink beers or hike/exercise it’s equally fitting. Also it’s huge.

Record shopping
This is a hard one actually, I’d probably say Bengans on Drottningsgatan, but that’s maybe because when I buy records there is a big chance that I know exactly what album I want to buy and just go in for the kill. If you want really obscure stuff I’d suggest looking at Röda korset or Kupan. They have so much weird old Swedish stuff, especially if you’re in to sampling. 

Clothes shopping
I’d say Humana, they have a couple of spots around town for vintage wear. But then again you can find some weird stuff at second hands like stadsmissionen and röda korset. For shoes I usually go to Sneakersnstuff once a year.

First Date
Me and my girlfriend spent the day at Grönalund and then we ate at a place called Tabbouli. If you don’t like rollercoasters (Like me) this is definitely not for you though. Then I suggest you take the boat out into the archipelago and bring some wine with you. In winter you could go ice skating in vasaparken, that looks rather romantic.

I really like the modern museum at Skeppsholmen and Fotografiska near Slussen. It’s just nice to be in your own head and stroll around looking at stuff that stimulates your synapses. Then again I get really inspired by nature so maybe go to the Nacka reserve for this one too if your more like that.

Source: Fotografiska

Stockholm is great for walking all around actually! super flat and if you’re not scared of heights you can walk across the bridges between every island. Also the Nacka reserve fits here too.

Don’t sleep outside in Scandinavia, it gets cold at night even in the summer. Especially while the moose are shedding the skin on their horns, then the forrest turns into a horror movie.

Best view
Easily Skinnaviksberget near Zinkensdamm. You can see all of downtown and Kungsholmen from there and people are always hanging out drinking and sunbathing in the summer. If you want a more cityesque feel there’s always Skrapan at Götgatan. They have a bar on their top floor and it’s as close to the NYC bar, Tokyo as you’ll get in Stockholm (if you want to feel like you’re in a budget version of lost in translation).

Source: Visit Stockholm

Favourite local place
There’s a small pizzeria where I live at Brommaplan called Brommapizzeria. Nothing fancy at all just great Swedefied pizza. This is how pizza tastes in my hometown of Kalmar and I get super nostalgic eating it. The environment is the usual suburb pizzeria style (a couple of slot machines, some retired people having beers for lunch) and the staff is super friendly and welcoming.