Review: Pasha – “PARK.”

Norwegian rapper Pasha is doing quite well recently with his latest single “P.Y.G” which was announcing his upcoming album “PARK.”. We have been following Pasha for a long time and it is just great to see how he is stepping up his career steps; Pasha is now introducing his second album “PARK.” to his audience.

Two years ago, Pasha was selected in Ukas Urørt which made us to memorize about his original style. With this achievement, he moved on to compose his 90’s tunes based music which is utterly alive and a little nostalgic; this allows him to be known in Oslo’s hip hop environment. Ever since, he has become one of the most played musicians at NRK P3 and also he has played at the biggest venues and festivals of Norway, such as Øyafestivalen, By:Larm, Trondheim Calling, Slottsfjell and Parkteatret. We would absolutely say that Pasha’s music is really festive and utterly appropriate for good vibes.

“PARK.” is an album which celebrates the arrival of the summer with spectacular tracks. The way Pasha sings is actually way too peculiar to him and this makes him unique. When we hear Pasha’s vocals, we want to hear more and we tend to dance; in the end the audience is under the spell of Pasha. For sure, Pasha is going to be listened more with his splendid album and he is going to do much bigger work after “PARK.”; we would say that he has now proved his talent for upcoming projects. “Right This Time”, “Prettyboi Bounce”, “Purple Pudding”, “Blaze” and “P.Y.G” are the tracks that must be listened in the album. After all, every track has its own beauty. While listening to the album from the beginning, we can realise the change of the mood between the tracks, which proves the variety of the album. Pasha has worked with a lot of talented musicians such as RebMoe, Soul Gem, Henrik The Artist and Jimi Somewhere.

It would be marvelous to check and follow Pasha’s music right now before it becomes too late. If you like discovering new talents before they become so famous, Pasha is the one! It is for sure that he will have an enormous audience with his catchy songs. If we would have to rate the album on a scale of 6, we would give it a 5!