Reykjavik by Auður

We asked Auðun’s favorite places in Reykjavik! And here is his answers! But Who is Auðun?

Auðunn Lúthersson is a 22 year old unsigned multi-instrumentalist and performing by his pseudonym Auður. Auðurs talent has recently got him into the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy (joining the rankings of Hudson Mohawke, Aloe Blacc, Katy B and Evian Christ) out of 4500+ applicants. Producing for some of the biggest names of Icelandic hip hop, R&B and pop as well as studying advanced jazz guitar at Tónlistarskóli FÍH has been the preparation Auður needed to step forth as a fresh and intriguing new voice in modern pop. His mesmerizing self-directed video sets the tone for the future of this young and exciting talent. After being one of the most acclaimed acts of the recent Iceland Airwaves festival, and only one single out, local and international buzz has made Auður one of the most exciting new live acts of 2016 Don’t forget to listen him below!
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for eating

Gló. Great vegetarian food, healthy
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for drinking

Alcohol is super expensive in iceland. Stock up on drinks on the tax free in the airport and get drunk in your AirBnb.
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for coffee

Tíu Dropar is nice.
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for dancing

Prikið. The best (and only) hip hop club in reykjavik. I dj there every once in a while. If you find me there and reference this article, I’ll buy you a beer. Then you buy me a beer. Then we get drunk and I tell you about how hollow inside I feel. Then we get married and move to Marmaris.
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for music

Harpan. Great acoustics that us modern musicians get to fill with noise every now and then although it is usually filled with old people and operas.
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for escaping

A drive /biking around the Southern peninsula is a super spacey and nice environment
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for record shopping

Lucky Records and Smekkleysa have a lot of great local music
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for clothes shopping

Jör is pretty pricey but it has great clothes. Awesome designer.
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for first date

Go to the Icelandic Penis Museum. It should give him/her the hints you want to get across.
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for inspiration

Penis Museum also
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for walking

Take a hike up Esjan. Great view and only 20 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik
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for sleeping

Jeez. you guys should figure that one out for yourself. I just produce sound waves for a living.
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for the best view

Hallgrímskirkja. The tower of Reykjavik’s biggest church has a great view. Also found in the lobby is a beautiful blonde girl I used to have a crush on. Two great views.
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your favorite local place

Bíó Paradís. A lot of low-key, independent films along with classics. [/column]