Senja by Moddi

Wherever Moddi goes, he makes the place cosy with his beautiful voice. Most of people know him with his song “House by the Sea“, but all of his songs can be listened repeatedly all day long. While being a storyteller of the North, his songs have always influenced people who listen them. Then, we wanted to ask Moddi about his beautiful hometown, Senja; where “House by the Sea“, “Mannen i Ausa” and more came from.

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for eating

Senjastua serves the best klippfisk on the planet – dried, locally harvested Atlantic cod cooked and served with fried potatoes.
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for drinking

Go to Ølningen, the only pub in Gryllefjord. I have no idea what the beer tastes like, but you’re sure to meet some queer locals.
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for coffee

Go to the local grocery store in Sifjord, where the owner Helge serves free coffee and biscuits to anyone who passes by. The coffee is terrible, but it lies next to the old people’s home, so this is the place to hear wild stories from the past. You’ll soon forget about the coffee.

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for dancing

You’ll have to find a bygdefest (“village party”) on a Saturday evening, where villagers from 16 to 85 will get completely bunkers and perform dance-like movements for a few minutes each, then have sex in the snow.
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for music

Come to Kråkeslottet in Bøvær – either to the Kråkeslott Festival which I book, or to Artijuli which is a contemporary arts festival running through the whole of July. We have cake, too.

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for escaping

Get out on the sea (together with an experienced local) and see the old fishing reefs where people lived a hundred years ago. I promise you won’t believe your own eyes it’s so beautiful.
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for record shopping

Drive to Tromsø, only 200 km North.
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for clothes shopping

Go to Pila at Skaland and get the famous Skaland mittens or the world-reknowned Senjalest (woollen socks with soul and fish-scale patterns).

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for first date

Same as “for dancing”.
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for inspiration

All of the above / below.
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for walking

Hike through the unforgettable Ånderdalen National Park. There are cabins where you can stay the night almost for free.
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for sleeping

Outside, in the moss, under the midnight sun. Bring a sleeping bag and mosquito net. (Alternatively, check in at the guest houses at Draugen in Medby, my dad build those.)
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for the best view

Tetinden, where you can actually see the origin of many of my songs: Ausa (Mannen i Ausa), Kongsnes (Kjerkegård ved havet), Kråkeslottet (House by the Sea), Kaldfarnes (where the Floriography album photo was taken) and Holmenvær (where the inlet artwork was made).
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your favourite local place

Halvardsøy, only reachable by boat on a sunny day with calm seas, but if you’re ever lucky enough to get there, I can guarantee you that you’ll never want to leave. Here is a a photo. Velkommen hjem!
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