Short Documentary: Hjertefølgerne

The short documentary by Tord Theodor Olsen aims at helping the viewer to mull over the idea of the purpose of life in the most elegant and natural way. Demonstrating the daily life of a family of five living inside a glass dome in Northern Norway, growing their own fruits and vegetables away from the catastrophic crowd of the city, the director examines the family’s pure and authentic way of experiencing the life in nature and the feeling of gratitude within the sufficiency of togetherness. The story of the Norwegian family who changed their names to Hjertefølger which literally means ‘the heart follower’ is an example of the ideal life of everyone desires. Ingrid, the mother tends to influence the viewer in the end of the documentary by saying that ‘We have only one life to live and we should make the best of it and live a life as powerful as possible. There is no reason to hesitate. Go live your dreams right now!’