SKAM: What Is Waiting For Us In Season 4

SKAM gave season final just 2 months ago and fans of the series are so excited about season 4. Most of the fans think it is going to be about Even. But if you have seen season 3, you can understand that why it can’t be about Even. Season 3 wasn’t jsut about Isak, it was about Even too and their pure love. So it can’t be only about Even.

The other rumor is that it will be about Vilde. People think that because in season 2, Eva got drunk and she kissed Vilde. It happens to everyone, you get drunk and you kiss someone, but Vilde wasn’t drunk. So it seems like she has feelings for girls too. This is why people want to see Vilde as main character in season 4. But we have to wait to see. SKAM just gave season final and there is few months for new trailer. But we all know that whoever is the main character, SKAM season 4 will be awesome just like other seasons.


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