Stavanger by TØFL

We have already mentioned about the sweetest and the craziest indie pop band of Stavanger, TØFL in our list of by:Larm discoveries. The band, which makes us feel like indie pop soaking with its pleasant tunes, also brings a great musical experience to its listeners. We asked TØFL about their favorite places in Stavanger. While reading this article, don’t forget to listen to TØFL. 🙂

for eating

Gådjå is an exotic place that serves exquisite ethiopian food. Especially nice if you’re a vegetarian!

for drinking

Øst. A bit far away from the city centre, but has a large variety of beer. Øst is located next door to Tou, and a great place for fast food called Fortou!

for coffee

Bøker og Børst in Fargegata. A cultural centre of Stavanger where we all spent way too many hours during high school. Great coffee, a variety of books, beer, games and a cozy backyard for summer days!

for dancing

Cementen! Checkpoint! Gnu!

for music

Tou and Folken are great venues for music and culture in general in Stavanger. Would definitely recommend checking out their upcoming concerts!

for escaping

Swimming in Stemmen in Jørpelandselva!

for record shopping

Vinylpalasset. Or any second hand-shops like Løvås Bruktbu if you wanna go looking for treasures!

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for clothes shopping

We always like to go second-hand shopping at Fretex. Often with a goal. For instance you can decide a colour, we suggest pink, and find loads of clothes in that colour to try and mix.

for first date

Bacchus Café if you’re going for coffee and chill vibes. Or if it’s summer we would recommend sitting on the roof of Sting Café.

for inspiration

NuArt Gallery! You can find lots of inspiration in art galleries!

for walking

Stokkavannet or Mosvannet, if you want a shorter walk.

for sleeping

We recommend buying a tent and going to Sørmarka or Rennesøy and sleep in the beautiful nature! It’s the best thing about Norway!

for the best view

Valbergtårnet. You can almost look past the cruise ships from there during summer…

your favorite local place

Fargegata, as previously mentioned, we recommend if you ́re looking for a place to chill, eat, drink or just chat 🙂 Truly the most cozy street in Stavanger!