Sustainability Meets Design

Sustainable and affordable might have been a new concept for the rest of the world. Scandinavian countries on the other hand, are known for their leading roles in sustainability culture and green way of living. Berlin-based Danish architecture Sigurd Larsen is famous for his creative, functional and not to mention aesthetically pleasing designs. For his latest project, affordable and sustainable houses in Denmark, two single family houses were designed and built near Lejre. “The Green House” and “The Light House” were both designed with a thought that focused on allowing the most of natural light. Both houses are donned with big windows for taking in the landscape before them and to gather warmth as well as light. The stage plans are simple for the sake of low construction costs but this only brings about the clear opulence of Scandinavian style. Birch plywood dominates the interior while larch planks are used for the exterior.


The winter garden of “The Green House” moderates the temperature insi
de the house through the day and night. Both houses are finished with untreated wood panels on the outside, ready to blend into nature.