Sweden Lets You Borrow Clothes For Free

Swedish government has established a new service where you can borrow anything you want from popular Swedish clothing brands; by doing this, the government aims to reduce the amount of billions of textile products thrown into dustbins. ShareWear is the name, and it is the first among its’ kind.
The only thing you need to do to use this service is to donate one of your already-owned ones when you borrow a new piece. It is a totally non-profit service, the only aim is to show the exceedingly high amount of the waste of textile products; and while doing this, it also tries to inspire the ones thinking to work on this area.
So how does the system work? Just comment things like “I want this one so badly” or “This would look so nice for my Sunday-walk” under the photos shared with #Sharewear. Well, if you really like something, you need to hurry a little bit as you may never know whether that cool and comfy jacket you really liked will end up in Argentina or in Australia!