Unsongs by Moddi

Surely, Norwegian musician Moddi can be called as the voice of hauntingly beautiful melancholy. But the person we see in cosy sweaters with dishevelled hair is a beautiful soul on this earth before anything else.

He is known to have written songs ranging from simple human feelings to the oil drillings in the Arctic. As a social and political activist, Moddi proves expressiveness and power of the music once again in his album “Unsongs” for which he collected songs from 12 different countries where they have been censored. Album includes songs such as Kate Bush’s “Army Dreamers” calling out redundancy of war or with similar topic, “Matter of Habit” which is about the struggle in West Bank, a song by an Israeli author and a musician or “Punk Prayer” an interpretation of a Pussy Riot song calling out Vladimir Putin. “Unsongs” reaches beyond the borders of music and can be called a project about oppression around the world. At the moment, he is also writing a book as a part of the “Unsongs” project.

Head over to his website for tour details and updates on the book.