Virkelig’s Favorite Places in Bodø

Virkelig is composed of Tobias, Emil, Sondre and Erlend, is one of the top emerging bands in Norway. With their poetic expression and lyrics, the band has made indie tuned songs in Norwegian. Virkelig started to make music when they were 17 and which has made them a Norwegian way rockstar. By the way, Virkelig is going the release the debut album called “Lykke til i livet” on 31. August.

Would you like to discover Bodø with the vocalist of Virkelig, one of our beloved bands, Tobias Aamodt?

for eating

Bjørk serves the best pizza on the planet, especially number 12 called Carne.

for drinking

Scandic Havet has a restaurant called Roast, located the top of the hotel and has the most amazing view. I´m not a big drinker, but they serves the best red wine in the town.

for coffee

Melkebaren is a small and very cosy café, which also serves coffee that I like (im not a big coffee drinker either). They also play cool local music, like of course Virkelig. 🙂

for dancing

My dancing skills are really bad, but Dama Di is the only place I ever have been close to dancing (it happened under the amazing concert with Hajk last fall), and that says a lot of how wonderful Dama Di is. Great people and an extremely fun place to play concerts at!

for music

My father runs a local festival called Parkenfestivalen, and I am really proud that Bodø has had the oppurtinety to host international stars like Nick Cave, 50 cent and Chris Cornell to play here. Now im just hoping he should book the best band in the world, Death Cab For Cutie.

for escaping

Nordsia, definitely. Finnkonakken, Steigtind and Litjtind is surrounded around you.

for record shopping

Bodø hasn’t a record shop, unfortunately.

for clothes shopping

New man store, without doubt. Then you also can meet the nicest person, Espen, whos running the store.

for first date

All my first dates have been in my bands practice room, and none of the girls I have dated are with me now, so I will problably recommend Roast on Scandic Havet. A more romantic and a practice room!

for inspiration

Bodømarka and maybe again, my bands practice room.

for walking


for sleeping

When I was a kid my first night out in the nature was on a place called Almenningelva, and since that, I have always loved to sleep there.

for the best view

Finnkonakken. A Bodø classic!

your favorite local place

Skarvannet. You will have to walk almost three hours to get there, but it’s the most fantastic trip to walk, and the most important thing; Skarvannet has big throuts.